Previous Events

Previous Events

Event 2014-2015

The action was carried out for the first time in the school year 2014-2015 under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs and was attended by students of Gymnasiums and Lyceums in Attica. Throughout the school year, students, with the help of educational and professional actors, directors and composers, set up working groups and were active, according to their interests and potential, in all aspects of a play: Scenario, directing, acting, lyrics, choreography, the production of original sets and costumes, the creation of digital material. As far as the pedagogical dimension is concerned, their involvement with the scientific content and the deepening, after their own encouragement, of the natural concepts for the best stage rendering of the roles is an indicative factor of the usefulness of such actions in the educational process.


Event 2015-2016

After the successful event of the school year 2014-2015, the organizers decided to expand the participation range of the activity so that the next school year schools and from other regions of the country will participate as well. So for the school year 2015-2016 and again under the Ministry of Research Education auspices, two final events were scheduled, one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki and was possible to schools who could not travel to participate in one of the two, to participate in the special category of the Video contest. For the realization of the events venues were selected that promote and relate to research and science: the School of Philosophy of Athens in Athens and the Noesis – Science Center and Technology Museum at Thessaloniki. Overall that year, the action involved 29 schools, 46 teachers, and 509 students. Particularly, 254 students and 21 teachers from 14 different schools of Athens, 120 students with 14 teachers from 8 different schools of Thessaloniki and 135 students with 11 teachers from 7 schools belonging to different regions of Greece


Event 2016-2017

​In the third year of implementation, during the school year 2016-2017, our activity was pleased to host even more participations, namely 16 schools, 30 teachers and 270 students at the Athens event at the Ellinogermaniki Agogi School, 11 schools, 25 teachers and 250 students at Thessaloniki event at Noesis – Science Center & Technology Museum, while 12 schools with 33 teachers and 200 students participated in the video contest.

This year, a categorization was made between the evaluation of the Miidle School and High School participations, and for the first time a “Dissemination and Promotion of the Performance” award was established with the aim of opening schools to their local community, informing and, if possible, engaging agents and citizens. In this spirit, the Athens event was part of the festival “Days of Creative Expression and Science, Open Schools for an Open Society”, during which parallel events were hosted, aimed at opening the modern school to society through creative methods of teaching science and communication in an innovative and at the same time multidimensional way.


Event 2017-2018

In the fourth year of the event, our activity officially included participations of Primary Schools, as well as special prizes were given to the schools that originated and included interactive elements in their performance. Also three of the performances that distinguished at the Athens event, had the opportunity to participate in the Athens Science Festival 2018 by bringing their performance to Technopolis in Gazi!

At 2018, Science View was awarded the EPI2 2018 Award in the category “Awareness Actions & Campaigns” for the action “Learning Science through Theater“. The EPI2 Awards are organized in the framework of the Athens Science Festival to reward a wide range of communication activities aimed both at the audience interested in the subject and the wider community.

Overall that year, the action involved 45 schools, 102 teachers and 876 students. Particularly, 19 schools, 40 teachers and 351 students participated in the Athens event at Ellinogermaniki Agogi, 11 schools, 27 teachers and 228 students in Thessaloniki at Noesis Science Center & Museum of Technology, while 15 schools with 35 teachers and 297 Students participated in the video contest.

Lastly, in collaboration with Ellilogermaniki Agogi and the European Physical Society, four scholarships were given to teachers to attend the CREATIONS summer school.