Independent implementation

Independent implementation of the activity

If you can not participate in a live performances event or in the video contest, you can organize live event at your school and implement the activity on your own, regardless of the limitations set by the timetable.
Just follow the instructions, read the material you will find on the website and contact us to give you further guidance!

All the participants must be informed that all the theatrical plays will be uploaded on the internet. So it is of high importance that the consent of the parents will be provided for the participating students. In case that the educators have not gathered the relevant parents’ consent, the organizers bring no responsibility..



  • The theme of the performance should come from a field of science
  • The activity’s target groups are students aged 12-16 (first grade of middle school – second grade of high school), and primary school students aged 9-12
  • There is no restriction as to how many students can participate from every school
  • Responsible for the activity must be at least one educator though even more should be encouraged to help, especially from fields like Physics, Biology, Philology, Arts, Computer science etc.
  • In case a school uses audiovisual material from the internet, the participants should check its license


You can integrate interactive elements in your performance (in script, direction, music) that will make you more direct and communicative. That will help you to gain the interest of the public, with its active participation!